IRA Block Conversion

Learn how easy it is to move a book of IRAs to Inspira

Convert a Block of IRAs in Five Easy Steps

RevisedInspirablockconversiongraphic.pngThe process of moving a large block of IRAs could be a hassle. Not with Inspira. Our block conversion process is comprised of five steps spanning over a 60 day period. Check out our InfoGraphic to see just how simple our process really is!

Here's how the process goes:

Day 1: Contractual Agreement 

The first step in this process is quick and simple.

Days 2-14: Notify Participants 

Give your account holders the heads up.

Days 15-45: Prepare Product and Account Transfers

Now’s the time to process any distribution requests.

Days 46-60: Blackout Period

Send us the finalized imported accounts.

Our service portfolio doesn't end at Block IRA Conversions. We at Inspira also provide Payroll IRA Programs, Automatic Rollover IRA Solutions, and Outsourced IRA Recordkeeping. 

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